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Why are we blaming men?

Social media of late is brimming with fault finding fingers pointed squarely at particularly disagreeable male conduct. Sexual abuse, harassment, domestic violence and inequality, it is said, generally arises within relationships as a result of power imbalances in favour of men.

Whilst the energy signature in each particular instance in similar, I will touch upon domestic violence to illustrate why continuing to apportion blame is not the answer if we want to animate tangible change.

My qualifications on the issue of domestic violence spans a lifetime. The coercive behaviour I experienced included death threats from men in my life, and resulted in limitations being placed on my life choices.

My understanding of the male population at the time, was that they were very angry individuals indeed. Do I blame them? Am I a victim? No. In fact, they showed me I needed to learn how to free up my capacity to make my own choices: loving ones.

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