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Highly Conscious

Accredited Courses

What does ‘seriousness’ feel like in your body?


Now, what does ‘peace’ feel like.

Take a moment to experience each of these states of being.

You might find that ‘serious’ feels contracted,

whereas ‘peace’ feels more at ease.

You may also discover that you aren't

able to physically experience  these feelings

in your body at the same time. Try it…

Why are we so serious?

It seems that seriousness has long been identified as the hallmark of the trusted professional. 

However, society appears to have lost trust in most of life.

Seriousness feels like a controlling, restrictive energy.

Indeed, it is static and unnatural and that is why it is not as trustworthy it first appears.

The paradox is, trust arises from a peaceful place. It has an ease about it. 

To be trusted requires the ability to make decisions and guide others free of your own agendas.

From this place you exhibit a sincere desire to exist in higher state of consciousness

making decisions for the greater good.

The courses we offer, help you make that conscious shift.

Course applications made in person only, first by emailing us at:

Added bonus: this state of being is not only peaceful, it's a fun place to exist in too.

Peaceful Solutions Program



Who is this for?

This non-accredited basic course is for those of you who want to take a peek into an living from a place of peace. This perspective, once understood, is life altering. .

What you can learn

Over four 1-1.5 hour in person (or online Zoom) Modules with a workbook and interactive exercises.

  • What makes us happy, and the role of societal governance in our happiness.

  • A look at the true nature of reality to show us how to play a different game (a little science lesson) and why the idea of ‘bad’ or ‘good’ has no value in finding peaceful solutions.

  • Make finding the solution a game. A dive into how to play Life’s game. The object and ‘gameboard’ explained.

  • The game in action. How to make decisions to reach peaceful solutions and have fun doing it.


$443.00 AUD

Highly Conscious Professional - Level 1 (in transition to full Accreditation) 

Who is this for?

Research by Dr David Hawkins PhD, indicated that the clients of professionals holding a higher level Higher Consciousness, experienced more optimal outcomes. In his book the Map of Consciousness he pointed out to health professionals that ‘The higher the physician’s level of consciousness, the more likely the patients were to heal.’

This accredited course is for anyone, but particularly those in the business of assisting their clients with dis-ease. In this course, ‘dis-ease’ means, a state of not being at ease or peace. This would encompass vocations with clients facing conflict situations or facing health predicaments, so is suitable for lawyers, medical practitioners, health workers, accountants, financial professionals, energy healers etc.


What you can learn

Over five, 1-1.5 hour lessons (in person or online) you can learn via your new understanding of the nature of consciousness, to first access and hold the space of higher consciousness for yourself, before being able to hold space for your client.

This expands on the teachings of the Peaceful Solutions Program and exposes the participant to an individual self-validation technique, which is a tool used to dissolve resistances to our nature flow. It helps you find your own trigger points (resistances in your flow) so you can dissolve them. Every resistance dissolved, expands, or raises, your consciousness.

The course includes a workbook, interactive exercises, a closed Facebook Group for like-minded students’ discussion and access to the instructor.


Successful completion results in a recognized accreditation as a Level 1 Highly Conscious Practitioner.


$1,132.00 AUD

Highly Conscious Professional - Level 2 Full Accreditation

(optional Teacher program)

A shift in the way you see the world requires a period of embodiment. Like learning to drive a car, it takes a while to unconsciously feel the new more highly conscious space around you, before you can truly hold it for others.

Who is this for?

This invitation only course, is for those who have demonstrated a sound understanding of the principles learned in Level 1 yet, have a sincere desire to go on to teach accredited Higher Consciousness courses. It will also suit those desiring mentorship to embody what was learned in Level 1.

How the embodiment can be received

Words don’t teach, experience does.


You have completed Level 1 and understand that maintenance of a higher consciousness requires personal practice and embodiment.


Satisfactory completion of this component is at the discretion of your instructor, but asks the completion of a minimum of 10 online meetings with your instructor in role-play and playing with real-life decision-making scenarios (available monthly over a 24 month period).

This program is by invitation only and is tailored to the individual.

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