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Life is just a game.

Let's play ...

in higher consciousness

imagine this ...

For some time now, you have been running, lost, through a seemingly impenetrable forest pushing forward to escape the persistent, yet eerie noises emanating from an unseen reality you’ve conjured in your mind.


These noises freak you out. It’s dark in here, so you follow the path of those who went before you. Despite your exhaustion, you keep running. Every distant glimmer, ending in the false hope of finding your way home.

You stumble across a clearing, a small space in the darkness. Squarely within that clearing sits a hot air balloon. You are now faced with a choice: try to fly a balloon that you have no idea about, or continue to follow the path of the others who came before you. The unknown, or the ‘known’.

Ever the adventurer, you choose the balloon as you begin to understand that the way out, is … up. Your balloon is ready to fly, weighed down only by sandbags.

You eagerly climb aboard. Your exhaustion is no barrier to the weight of the sandbags. With the first one now heaved overboard; you float up. Despite the surrounding mist, you make out the tops of the trees. It feels lighter here, you know you are on your way home and relief begins to soften you.

Another sandbag overboard, and higher you go. Breaking free of the mist, you find yourself mid-way up the mountains now, and soak in the comforting warmth of sunlight. You survey the valley below, the misty forest revealing its guiding path nestled between the foot of the mountains.

One more bag … you can do it! Elation now envelopes your being as your balloon flies high above the mountain peaks. Space now appears. You see far and wide in all directions as all paths open up. This means, all choices now become available to you. You are truly free.  

levels of consciousness

The above balloon analogy very simplistically illustrates levels of consciousness.

On the forest floor, in the dark, your choices are limited as you are surrounded by fear. You stay on the well-trodden path, trusting that the choices of others will keep you ‘safe’. Effectively, you are making other people’s choices because you are living a life in fear. You experience negative feelings.

The sandbags represent those (unconscious) fears. Unlike the above analogy, the sandbags you carry with you are hidden. And the fun part is …. finding them.

Life’s Game: Find a fear, dissolve it and raise your level of consciousness. You start to become self-aware and begin to know the truth about who you really are.

The higher the level of consciousness, the less unconscious beliefs you are holding that no longer align with your authentic self. You are free and uninfluenced by the power of others. In this state of being, you experience positive feelings.

Our courses teach you how to break free of negativity in all aspects of your life to find the peace you've been seeking.


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